Terms of Use

Cleep is a social shopping application that allows its user to save and share their shopping ideas.

To ensure that the use is pleasant for everyone, you will find below the Cleep Terms of Use. For any question about your personal data and their protection, it's HERE!

Share ideas in a good mood :

With Cleep, we want to allow those who are interested in the same passions and products to get advice and inspiration, as if we were all sharing our shopping picks together.

You can add all your wishes to your list, and browse through the cleeps of others members. If your profile is public, other members will also be able to browse through your lists. You can keep all or some of your lists private, and change this setting at any time in the “Modify List Info” menu.

Private content will not be visible for other users on your profil, but cleeps can be found via the the app search engine in the search menu, without being linked to your profile and lists.

Content for all, and legal :

Cleep is a free space, where everyone can save and recommend products of interest. This obviously does not include :

> All content or messages inciting hatred, harassment, intolerance, violence, and any other content that does not comply with applicable laws.

> Pornography and nudity have no place on Cleep (even if perfectly legal). Any content referring to it will be immediately removed and users informed.

What to do if you are bothered by content or a user?

The Cleep team continuously monitors all content and exchanges that take place on the application. However, you also have the ability to hide or report content that would interfere with your use of the application.

If you are not interested in a content, you can hide it by sliding your finger to the left. Moreover, if you consider that this content is contrary to the Cleep charter, you have the possibility to report it to us. We will look into this as soon as possible.

Finally, if a user annoys you (which should not happen), you have the possibility to block them by going to their profile. You will no longer see their cleeps or messages, nor will they be able to contact you. If you believe that the member's behaviour violates Cleep values and this charter, you may also report it to us for verification.

In case of non-compliance with the rules :

Certain behaviours such as posting illegal, violent, hateful or pornographic content will result in immediate and irremediable exclusion from the application.

In the event of a report of behaviour that does not respect Cleep's conditions of use, the user will receive a first warning email indicating the reasons for this warning. In case of recidivism, the profile will be excluded from the application.

For any questions :

The Cleep team remains at your entire disposal for any questions or comments you may have. You can write to us at hello@cleep.io and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a good Cleep !